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SEPARATION – How to Pass the Test




For those who are dealing with separation, you may find yourselves frustrated with everyone saying that it is an illusion. Separation helps us grow, reflect, etc. For those who are having a hard time with this, go back to the basics. Ask, what is really going on and what is the purpose of this. What is really going on: Continue reading “SEPARATION – How to Pass the Test”

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SPECIAL REPORT – State of the Union



Many twins, especially who are in separation, are finding themselves in tough times. It seems that all the work they have done has yielded no results. Many twins at this time are questioning if this is even real or if they had been taken to the mill. Again, what holds true for you is for you to find within – not outside of you.  Continue reading “SPECIAL REPORT – State of the Union”

Stay Connected


Imagine a mobile device such as a phone or an iPad. For the longest time, we have been disconnected from our power and source, but instead, scarcely living on a limited battery, operating from a place of fear and lack. When we connect to our power and source, there is nothing to worry about because we are in our power and abundant in energy. Stay connected. Take care.


The Dawn is Rising



There are so many things that are taking place right now. The speed and movement is just incredible. With that said, many twins, and the collective may I add, have been dealing with, and are dealing with things. Know that although it may seem like it’s a never-ending battle, that the dawn is rising. Continue reading “The Dawn is Rising”

There Are No More Excuses For Not Honoring Yourself and Your Truth



We are held accountable for honoring our truth. What may be true for one, may not be true for another. Yet, regardless of anyone else’s truth may be, we are responsible for honoring what is true for us.  Continue reading “There Are No More Excuses For Not Honoring Yourself and Your Truth”

Q&A – I’ve Done the Work and Still Haven’t Heard Back From My Twin



It is true that there are many twins out there who have, if not, come into reunion with their twins in the physical, that they are in contact with their twins. Remember that each person and union is different. Also remember that there are two sides to the coin. You, and your twin.  Continue reading “Q&A – I’ve Done the Work and Still Haven’t Heard Back From My Twin”

Decisions and Walking the Walk



Many twins at this time are dealing with making some sort of decision in their lives. Decisions such as leaving relationships, jobs, family, places of residences, etc. This can be very challenging. We are releasing the last “karmic” things in our lives.  Continue reading “Decisions and Walking the Walk”

Don’t Fight the Current, But Don’t Get Swept Away Either



Each person and journey is unique. What applies to one, may not be applicable to another – and that’s okay. There are things that are in our control, and there are things not in our control. Understanding what is in our control and what isn’t is a great trait to have. One of the things that we do have control of is what we allow into our lives. We all have planted our seeds, and put in the work to reap a bountiful harvest of whatever we wanted be it our unions with our twins, a certain mission work, etc. While we have put in the work, we must also be mindful as to what is in our current reality.  Continue reading “Don’t Fight the Current, But Don’t Get Swept Away Either”

The Shock of Change – We Are Currently Being Untangled



There are major energies at play at this time, and these energies will continue to keep coming in. With all of these changes that are taking place, we are becoming untangled from the things that are holding us down.  Continue reading “The Shock of Change – We Are Currently Being Untangled”

Changes Abound – Focus on Divine Alignment



There are so many things that are going on right now, it can be hard to keep up. With all of these changes that’s taking place, it’s important that we must go with the flow. In addition, we must do our part and try to keep focused on our alignment.  Continue reading “Changes Abound – Focus on Divine Alignment”

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